A farewell breakfast feast was in order this morning as I said goodbye to my paleo sister, Jonelle. We went to Beatniks here in our hometown where I was pleasantly surprised! They have recently added a veggie hash as a substitute for potatoes. As soon as I learned of this I knew it was essential. My breakfast was complete with a Veggie hash, fresh fruit & a veggie omelette with local applewood chicken sausage. I can easily say this was the best breakfast on our paleo adventure thus far!

I kept up the momentum & inspiration throughout the day.
Lunch: 3 hard boiled eggs with avo, s&p, 1 pink lady apple, 1 plump white peach, and an unsweetened matcha latte with almond milk.

Dinner: baked wild-caught red snapper with spinach, red potatoes.

Dessert: 1/4 of a seedless watermelon with unsweetened iced tea
After coming to the realization that my favorite locally brewed chai concentrate is pre-sweetened with cane sugar, I needed to come up with a new go-to drink. 

Meet the Yellow Submarine:
Iced jasmine green tea with steamed  honey & almond milk

So delicious I couldn’t stop to take a pic before it was gone.


have i told you guys about the Flint rock before?

its this rectangle rock thing thats by the highway and almost every night for 50 years its been painted over and painted over, usually with memorials for loved ones





and even though is illegal no one ever stops them and every few years people get together to peel the paint off to start fresh and look at all the paint that comes off



and nobody knows who started the tradition or what the rock even is for

i just think its really cool





shared sea. 


Yup, keyword there being shared. we forget too often that we don’t own the ocean or the creatures in it. they aren’t meant to be in captivity for our entertainment. we don’t have the right to cull its predators in an attempt to make it safer for us to be there. we don’t have the right to dump trash or waste of any kind into the sea. it doesn’t belong to us. we are mere visitors who are lucky enough to get to share the ocean with its true inhabitants. 

This 👆


All I ever wanted to do was fuck you to Beyonce’s new album and you not replying to my texts isn’t making this dream come true any faster



The Apollo Theater in Harlem remembers Nelson Mandela.
(via @Toure)

Teared up upon hearing this news. He lived a long and incredible life, but that somehow doesn’t make the loss easier.

1. Stop faking your fucking orgasms. Society already tells young men that they run the fucking universe - if they can’t turn your cunt into a shooting star then for god’s sake, let them know about it.

2. Once you’ve stopped faking your fucking orgasms, use this newfound honesty throughout the rest of your life - stop ordering coffee you don’t actually like; stop sitting at a desk and allowing people to treat you like shit in the hopes that a meek attitude will earn you a promotion (it won’t); stop telling people they can finish your food when you’re not actually done yet. These may seem petty, but they add up, just like every orgasm you didn’t actually get to have.

3. If you wanna dance all night, dance all fucking night. Dance all night even if you have work in the morning. The worst that will happen is you’ll drink RedBull all day and look like a zombie - pass it off as a head cold to the real zombies you work with and flick through the embarrassing photos you’re being tagged in as you pretend to take a shit for some peace and quiet. I promise, you’ll remember dancing all night in ten years, not the suspicious way your boss looked at you that morning.

4. If your ass looks big in that, that’s a good thing.

5. You will never be as young as you are this second. Embrace it.

6. Embrace the fact that you’re going to get older. Ask your boyfriend if he will still love you when you’re seventy and your tits are down to your knees. Look forward to this time - seventy year old women are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want, and no-one can stop them. You can carry candy in your bag and not share it with a single soul. You can stay home all day and cross-stitch expletives onto handkerchiefs for your grandchildren and slip them under the table out of sight of the people you raised. You can drink whisky at 10am. Every phase of your life is going to be amazing for different reasons. Embrace that.

7. A lot of people will pretend to love Bukowski. Don’t pretend to love Bukowski if you don’t love Bukowski. It’s overplayed and no-one will mind if you actually like Virginia Andrews instead - the people who do mind are boring.


Some more little life lessons, by Daisy Lola. (via spearmintblonde)